Items to keep in your car

I keep a small variety of items in my car at all times for convenience and to try to be prepared for any situation.  

Jumper Cables- It’s always a good idea to keep some jumper cables in case your car dies or someone else’s does. These are the ones I carry in my car, I have a hybrid so I cannot really have my car jumped but it’s great to have, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out traveling and I run across someone who’s battery died miles away from civilization. I also opted for the extra-long 25 feet, which may seem excessive but moving cars back and forth on the side of a highway trying to use a 10-foot cable isn’t easy.  

Flashlight- This goes high on the list because it’s so handy. When you’re traveling it’s not a good idea to completely rely on cellphones, keeping a flashlight in your glove box is the handiest thing you could do. My parents bought me this flashlight for my birthday.  

It is super handy, it zooms so you can see further away and has different light settings. I keep one in my car and one for camping, and they’re under $15!!

Spare Tire and Jack- flat tires are inconvenient in the city, when you’re traveling out in the middle of nowhere it’s even worse. Make sure before you leave on any trip you check your spare tire for dry rot, living in a dry state like Arizona it happens a lot. 

A Disposable Camera (optional) – If you are in an accident your phone may not be available, having a disposable camera is convenient so you can still take pictures of the damage.

Fix a Flat- Incase the spare doesn’t work or you don’t have one. The tire will need to be replaced as soon as possible, and places will often charge an extra disposal fee, but it’s a great thing to have in a pinch.

First Aid Kit- I use basic medicine tablets and Band-Aids on nearly a daily basis, a small first aid kit can easily fit in the side compartment of the driver or passenger side seat.

Fire Extinguisher (optional)- Fire extinguisher isn’t something people normally carry but I’m from a dry state where forest fires are a problem, try a small kitchen extinguisher in the trunk of your car.

A Gallon of Water- If your car overheats or you find yourself stuck having some water is never a bad thing.

Granola Bars or another long-lasting food- Jerky or granola bars, something with a long shelf life, is great to have if you’re hungry on a long road trip and forgot to stop or if you’re stranded overnight.

Umbrella/ Rain Poncho- In case it rains.

Towel/ Extra Rags- Spills, checking oil, wiping off mud and rain, extra rags and towels are always a good idea.

Spare Jacket (optional)- I hate being cold so I always bring a spare jacket in case it rains or I get cold.

Owner’s Manual (optional)- I always keep my owner’s manual in my glove compartment. You could Google whatever you may want to know, but I like to keep it just in case.



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