How to save up an adventure fund

Adventuring can be expensive at times, I find it easiest to save up and adventure fund since I also budget, between snacks and the occasional hotel room, sometimes traveling isn’t as budget friendly as I would like.

Money Saving Challenges

2017 is already in full swing, but it’s still early enough in the year to start a money saving challenge. Money saving challenges are huge during New Years, and seem pretty practical. The idea is to save a small amount each week so it adds up to a large sum at the end of the year. This is also great for paying off debts or saving up for a new car.

Out of all the money saving challenges I am a fan of is $20 every week. This is pretty easy to come up with, cutting out Starbucks or eating at home a few more nights a week will easily make up the $20.

Here are some others

          Deposit a predetermined amount every week to add up to $1000 at the end of the year.


          This one is a fun one, you save a few dollars every day adding to almost $1500 at the end of the year.


          A different tactic is starting from $52 dollars a week and decreasing by a dollar every week saving over $1300 a year.


Donate Plasma

Donating plasma pays anywhere from $20-$50 per donation and you can donate twice a week. That’s an average of over $3500 dollars a year.

Credit Card Rewards

Most credit cards offer rewards and cash back options. By participating you can often get $500 incentives and various percentage options. I like to save up my reward points; a few years ago I opened an Amtrak rewards card, after using it regularly for a year I had one free train ticket saved up.



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