Places Near Globe, AZ

Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park and Museumbesh-ba-gowa-indian-ruins
1324 S Jesse Hayes Rd. Globe, AZ. 85501

Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park and Museum is located on the outskirts of Globe AZ, the ancient Salado people built and occupied between 1225 A.D. and 1400 A.D. The museum offers a look into the past of the Salado people and the ruins a glimpse into their homes, ritual and burial areas.



Roosevelt Lake

tr-lakeRoosevelt is about a half hour from Globe in the Toronto National Forest and is truly a sight to behold anytime of year. Boats are docked year-round in the lake with cat fish rumored to be 6 feet or longer. The Theodore Roosevelt Dam can be seen from the lake, and was opened in 1911 and in 1996 underwent a 20% increase, enough water for 1 million people.



Salt River

Tsalt-riverhe salt river flows from the dam and is a popular attraction during the summer for tubing, boating, swimming, and other water activities. Route 88 is the scenic view from the dam offering sights from the top of parts of the Superstition Mountains, but be warned, the road is dirt and can be unseemly narrow at points.  


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