3 of Arizona’s National Forests

Arizona has a TON of national forests spanning thousands of acres, below I listed my top 3 favorites. They are all beautiful pieces of Arizona with great outdoor activities available year round.

Petrified Forest National Park
Arizona 86028. Just off of the US 180.

Located 3 and a half hours from Phoenix, the Petrified forest spans 56,000 miles full of crystal forests, hiking trails, and a museum. Hiking is a true adventure here with long petrified logs covering the forest floor among native plants and animals. Off trail hiking is prohibited, hikers can damage the fragile environment but there is plenty to see.


Prescott National Forest
2971 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301  

Pine trees surround most of Prescott, a small town in the Prescott National Forest, and six mountains that the forest spans over. The forest has camp grounds, fishing opportunities and plenty of trails for hikes, biking and horseback riding.


Tonto National Forest
2324 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006

 Tonto National Forest is the fifth largest national forest in the United States, with its over 6,000 foot change in altitude over its almost 3 million acres, the Tonto National Forest has activities for every season. With millions of visitors a year there are passes for every activity including daylily, seasonal and yearly passes for the forest though there may be other charges for camping space.


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