Ways to Save Money On a Road Trip

Drink Water

                Soda, energy drinks and other sugary beverages are horrible for your health, and expensive. Sugary drinks don’t hydrate, so you continually drink more and more, thus having to buy more and more. Energy drinks average three dollars apiece, water is free; grab a refillable water bottle before your trip, or stick a case of water in your trunk, (I get a 30 pack of water bottles at Sam’s Club for 3 dollars) you’ll be glad you did.

Bring Your Own Snacks

                I am a huge snacker on road trips, but most junk food, like sugary drinks, are pretty bad for you and only make you hungrier and thirstier. Instead of stopping for McDonalds in every town you pass through, try bringing some snacks like; fruits, pretzels, premade PB&J’s, veggies or trail mix.  Click here for a list of snacks.

Car Maintenance

                Before you go on a road trip or travel with your vehicle you should have some general maintenance done for both safety and efficiency.  Your car will be more gas efficient and the odds of breaking down even lower.  

Pre-book and Shop Around

                Book hotels in advance, nothing is worse than driving around in the rain for hours because every single hotel is booked full for some obscure festival you’ve never even heard of. Look online, bundle with credit cards and local deals to save money. Often times local concerts and shows offer hotel and ticket bundles or discounts at other places.


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