Nice to meet you!

Hello, my name is Katherine Polmanteer, I am currently a Junior at Arizona State University, majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I’m glad you made your way to my blog! Here, I will write about my two favorite hobbies; travel and adventure! I am a firm believer in never being bored, there is always something fun and interesting to do, you just have to be open to it.

A little bit about myself, I am a full-time student and I work part-time as a pet sitter. I love animals, I currently have 3 cats at home; 1 is mine, Fredrickson, and the other 2, Ripley and Cadenza, are my parent’s. My parents also love to stay busy, from going swing dancing on Tuesday nights and playing BAD bingo on the weekends to antiquing and doing DIY’s.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, I developed a passion for travel and adventure as a teenager, what better than to combine them? I began writing poetry and short stories when I was a child, and eventually branched out to longer works.

After graduate school I intend to travel all over North American before backpacking across Europe, while writing along the way. Eventually, I would like to publish travel novels, various works of fiction, and poetry and short story collections.

Why “A Slice of Adventure”?

First, the name. I love the idea of a slice of adventure, much like pizza, you don’t have to have all the adventure at once, but eating a slice at a time can satisfy that wanderlust-y hunger we all have deep down. I am a huge believe in ‘just a slice’ so here you will find plenty of day trips and in town adventure as well as longer, fuller pies of adventure.

Most of the trips and activities I will be posting about are inexpensive if not free, and are typically friendly for all age groups. Some are only available during certain seasons or weather conditions, but I will try to give as much information as possible so everyone can have as wonderful travels as I do!

This blog is a running assignment for my Writing for Professional Publication class, but I hope over time it will become much more. I have been interested in blogging for some time, but never quite got around to taking it up. I think this blog will be a wonderful place to share my adventures and hopefully inspire others to get off the couch and go live a little.


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